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 With your purchase you will be entered in a game called a waffle.

Waffle is for 1 Tumbler per winner.

10 spots in a round! You can chose to keep what is picked or decline. If you chose to decline another number will be picked. You can chose to keep or decline the second pick. If you decline again the third number drawn will be what you get. 

You do not need to be present to win, but if you’re name is drawn and you are not present during the game the first number picked will automatically be yours. Game will be played on TikTok.

There will be 10 spots per round played on a wheel spin. What ever name the pointer lands on that name is removed until we have 1 name remaining. That name will be the winner of the round.

No limit on how many you want to buy. 

Thank you for supporting my small business.

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